District 7's purpose is to bring individuals with a common passion for culinary adventure to discover new restaurants and revisit classic staples in the DC dining scene.  We do this through creating exciting experiences designed around exploring food, wine, and spirits. 

District 7 hosts dinners every other month in the DC area -- each starting, of course, at 7:00 p.m.



About the founders


Jacqui DePas loves food...I mean she LOVES food.  Growing up with a gastronome all her life Jacqui soon developed a taste for, shall we say...the finer things in life?  From running a dessert cafe in New York City to currently being a food photographer, she keeps up with the industry and loves to be apart of the dining experience.  

Hands down, Jacqui's favorite place to eat is at a restaurant bar- talking with friends or sitting alone with a book.  On a quiet night she can be found at Seasons 52 or Barcelona. 


 Photo Credit: Katarina Price Photography

Photo Credit: Katarina Price Photography

Teresa Antonucci Lee has a passion for all things culinary -- testing recipes, trying new restaurants and revisiting old favorites, and experimenting with cocktail concoctions are all passions of hers. She is a cheerleader for the DC dining scene and has happily watched it grow and mature over the last 20 years living in the area. 

When not running her event planning firm, Teresa can often be found at Fiola, Kinship, or Quill quizzing the bartenders on which is better -- bourbon or rye.